For generations, working mothers have industriously juggled between being a mother and pursuing their dream career path effectively. Many have made a success of this daunting struggle, while some women on the other hand eventually had to sacrifice a prospective work career to become a fulfilling wife and mother.
The chance to attempt making a balance between these two worlds don’t even occur for some women, as certain policies in some companies give no room for working mothers. This is a major reason why some career driven women don’t give a thought to becoming mothers till they are way up the ladder, and have proved their worth in such companies.
Amongst others, one sure way to stay on top of your game as a working mother is being properly organized. Not every woman can be a super-mom but with determination, a seamless equilibrium between work and maternity can be maintained. Here are some more helpful pointers:
Carefully think through and weigh what fulfils you as an individual – a fulltime career success or motherhood?
Always plan head. Develop organized routines that work both at home and at work and most importantly, stick to these routines.
Learn to set boundaries at home and in the office. Do your best in executing given assignments effectively within official working hours and when the day is over, don’t be pressured to succumb to the dividends of extra time. And at home, be firm in saying No to unimportant things.
As important as it is to give your kids all the love and nurturing they deserve, don’t overindulge them with your attention. Set limits!
Appreciate and make the most of whatever little time you get to spend with your family. Fun doesn’t have to be a day out at the parks or shopping mall; you will be amazed at how much amusement and satisfaction a simple indoor game or watching a movie with the kids can bring.
Saturdays and Sundays are a blessing; don’t spend them engaging in frivolities or attending irrelevant parties. Use your weekend wisely in planning and preparing for the busy week ahead.
Make conscious efforts to be a part of your kid’s education. Spend some time helping with homework, attend school open days, and be friendly with teachers and even the school coordinator. Going this extra mile may be real tasking but it’s sure worth it. Be certain that by this, you will not in any way be in the dark about your child’s intellectual development.
Where possible, get a nanny or a help to assist with the domestic workload. In doing this, always ensure your house-help/nanny is gotten from a reliable source. Don’t delegate responsibilities and simply leave the nanny/house-help to her own world; stay in charge!
Above all, take good care of yourself. Eat right and get adequate sleep –staying healthy and maintaining a balanced mind is crucial if you must prioritize right in taking accurate decisions.