Ramadan Tips for Mums

Ramadan Tips For Mums

Ramadan, also known as the holy month, is a month of fasting, prayer, and charitable giving observed by Muslims all over the world. It is a yearly event that takes place within 30 days. Muslims typically fast from dawn to dusk, with Sahur eaten very early in the day, and Iftar eaten to break the fast in the evening. This time is also marked by charitable acts such as feeding the less fortunate, giving alms to the poor, and donating to charity.

Mom is the Chief Homemaker, and as such, a large portion of Ramadan preparation falls on her shoulders. We’ve compiled a few pointers to assist moms during this holy month.

  1. Plan ahead of time to shop for the family.

Moms should plan their meals and grocery shopping ahead of time to save time,money, and energy. This will also aid in scheduling and meal preparation. We have compiled a lot of cooking videos on our YouTube channel to inspire mouth-watering delicacies that are easy to prepare and very nourishing to keep the the family nourished from Sahur to Iftar.


2. Prepare the children for the holy month.

It is an unspoken goal to improve your faith and religion so that mothers can read the Quran and recite Duas with their children.

3. Choose a day to clean thoroughly.

Cleanliness and hygiene are important aspects of Islam, and cleaning ahead of time will help you make time for other responsibilities during Ramadan.

4. Delegate

To reduce their workload, mothers can delegate chores and duties to their children and even enlist the assistance of their husbands.

Finally, mothers bear a great deal of responsibility for preparing the home and family members for the holy month. We hope that these few tips will help you get started on a fulfilling Ramadan.