The final arrival of your baby is one unique experience that can rock your world, and whether you are planning for a caesarean section or vaginal delivery, it’s best to ensure adequate preparation for a smooth delivery.
Labour pain is said to be one of the most painful experiences a human can have but you should know that pain is relative, and just as pregnancy experience differs from one woman to another, labour pains may also differ. So as you await the final day, and the days begin to drag, it’s important you avoid negative thoughts about labour so you don’t get too apprehensive.
To be well prepared, there are so many productive things you can do while you wait for delivery so get busy!
Pack Your Delivery Bag
First things first, try to ensure that you have a delivery bag and checklist ready. Don’t wait till your first signs of contraction before you pack your bag. Having your bag ready beforehand will help avoid any form of rush should your baby decide to come earlier than its expected due date. Knowing you have all you will need at the hospital will assuredly make you feel more relaxed as the days go by.
Be Active
Have regular 40 – 50 minutes brisk walks at least twice each day, and try your hands on squatting too. Squatting opens up your pelvis for birth by at least 15% – 28% and regular squats especially in your last trimester will improve your balance, while also building up your stamina in readiness for pushing when your due date comes. So don’t wait till you are in labour, get squatting now.
One much recommended exercise routines that can also help strengthen your pelvic and vaginal muscles are the Kegel exercises. If you are planning for a vaginal birth doing this will certainly ease your birthing experience.Start birth classes early so you can be done with these classes by your 36th week. You can ask your instructor relevant questions that will help you get acquainted with the birth techniques you’ve been taught. You should also consistently practise these techniques on your own. Asking your spouse to join your routines if that will make you more comfortable is a good idea.
Watch Your Health
As your baby’s arrival day gets closer, you should take lots of bed rests and always have someone around you for cases of emergency. Sticking to healthy balanced meal plans should also be top priority on your list.