How To Look Good In A Mini Dress

The mini dress is an ultimate classic that can give a woman casual, chic, sexy or elegant look depending on how the mini dress is worn. Mini dresses, unfortunately, can also have a bad reputation for being too revealing if worn improperly. The truth is beautiful as the mini dress may be, it is not fit for every body type. You need to possess a fit/toned body to be able to slay in the mini dress. It is not one of those dresses that is a ‘must have’ in every woman’s wardrobe.

The mini dress is not for the people who are uncomfortable with their body or think they need to tone up their legs or are ashamed of some of their body part. The mini dress makes you very conscious of your body and shows a lot of skin. If you are not scared to show some skin and have a toned, sculpted body with a daring attitude and you need some tips on how to wear the mini dress and look great in it, this is for you.

How to look great in Mini Dress

You should wear them carefully, choose a dress that suits your body type, and then choose the right make-up and accessories to complement the style.

  • If you have broad stay away from halters as they make your shoulders look even.
  • If your tummy is your problem area, opt for a mini dress that does not fall too close to the silhouette, pick one that falls like a baby doll dress.
  • If you have baby fat on your choose a dress with sleeves.
  • If leg fat is your trouble area, choose a mini dress that covers your thighs.
  • If you have small busts, wear a heart shaped neckline to accentuate your cleavage and for a fuller figure.
  • If you have big busts big, round necks, that enhances your assets and still do not reveal a cleavage and make the dress look trashy.
  • The length you should wear depends primarily on your age, your personal style and how much would you want to reveal.
  • Keep your age in mind. You shouldn’t a teenager in you mid 40’s. Grace is a crucial part of overall beauty. Let the hemlines grow with your age too.
  • You can either wear your dress with flats or with heels.
  • For a casual feel and a more toned down look that does not demand extra attention wear flat sandals or pumps. not call for and still makes the wearer look chic and comfortable.
  • If you want to turn the attention ten notches up, then go for heels or wedge sandals.