Most women fear pregnancy not only because of the hormonal changes, possible complications and the pains of labour and delivery but because pregnancy brings its own set of beauty challenges. The body changes rapidly and this affects the appearance of the Mother-to-be, thus women get concerned on how they will look like after all the weight gain, skin changes and the inevitable baby bump while pregnant.
It is important to maintain positive self-image and self-esteem during pregnancy as these contribute to a happy and healthy pregnancy and really, there’s no reason not to look your best for these nine months – you’ve earned it, you deserve it, and you need it!
A healthy lifestyle…Eat A Well-Balanced Diet
You must know that good nutrition during pregnancy is vital to delivering a healthy baby. Everything you eat, apply, or come into contact with may affect not only you but also your baby, hence it’s pertinent you include fruits and veggies to your diet. You can get as much needed vitamins and minerals from them. Stay away from fat and go for lean meats. Wean off on caffeine if you are a coffee addict. This is a stimulant and may affect your time of sleep and rest; caffeine also has detrimental effects on your unborn child.
Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Makeup and Moisturizers
Makeup can do wonders during pregnancy. It can be used as a tool to feel pretty and in control. That’s particularly important during a time when many women feel like they’ve lost control of their body. So go ahead and have some fun: Try a new shade of lipstick or eye shadow. Spice your looks with a nice mousse blush and moisturize your lips in colours that make you feel confident and elegant. And of course, treat yourself to a pedicure / manicure.
Your skin may become drier than usual or become splotchy during pregnancy. Not to worry, it’s the same pregnancy hormones that sent your emotions into an uproar that’s at work – a good moisturizer is sure to work wonders in such situations (it’s suggested that moisturizers with vitamin A should be used fairly).
Dress Right: Feel Comfortable & Sexy while Pregnant
Gone are the days when a pregnant belly was something to be hidden, not celebrated; the days of tent dresses and “baby on board” T-shirts are over.
There are so many great choices of fashionable maternity clothes available that your biggest challenge will be sticking to your budget. Choose maternity clothes that make you feel and look sexy. You often see pregnant women in oversized clothes such as tee shirts and old fashioned maternity skirts. They are comfy alright but if you are going for sexy and want to feel confidence & beautiful, you have to think twice and go for fashionable clothings which are in style and are comfortable as well.