Losing sleep is normal as we try to meet up with the demands of the day and probably get a lot more done. As a career woman, mother and wife, the earliest time to bed for me on a busy day is midnight, to be up again before dawn. With this continued hustling and bustling, many of us have forgotten the feeling of being rested.
We have got just 24 hours in a day and with so much to be done, we want to make the most of it. Truthfully, this isn’t healthy at all. Sleeping is as vital to our body as eating. Sleep is restorative; thus a key part of a healthy lifestyle.
Adequate sleep ensures your ability to handle the day’s stress at work or at home. In reality, the quality of sleep you get directly affects your daily functioning. Sleep aids in the control of insulin and stress hormone Cortisol, thus giving the body the needed hormonal balance.
Good productivity, mental sharpness, emotional balance, creativity, rejuvenation, physical vitality, and even healthy weight maintenance are some of benefits derived from a good snooze. So you see, there’s so much to be enjoyed with just a little more sleep.
Contrary to popular belief, sleeping doesn’t mean the body or brain is shut off. Do you know that during sleep your body is working to support your brain function? While sleeping, the brain does biological repairs that keep your body at its best. Without regular sleep, you’re headed for a major mental or physical breakdown.
Lack of sleep may result in the following:

Fatigue, lethargy, and lack of motivation
Moodiness and irritability
Reduced creativity and problem-solving skills
Inability to cope with stress
Low libido and little interest in sex
Reduced immunity; frequent colds and infections
Concentration and memory problems
Weight gain
Impaired alertness, motor skills and increased risk of accidents and injuries
Difficulty making decisions
Increased risk of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, and several other health problems.

This may sound really outrageous but it is simple reality – to function at your best, at least seven hours of sleep per night is essential. Sleep requirements may vary slightly from person to person so you have to make an effort to enjoy quality snooze time to know the duration of hours that works for you.
Consciously indulge in a good night’s sleep, and then see your energy and efficiency increase. Sleep is essential for a long, healthy and productive life. You’ll not only perform more during the day but you’ll look a lot younger than when you were cutting down on your daily dose of beauty sleep…its called beauty sleep after all!
When next you are about to forfeit that restorative shut-eye for need to put in extra hours of work, STOP, have a rethink; don’t lose that sleep!