Taking the Big Chop or doing a long term transitioning is definitely a bold step that takes a lot of courage.  A thousand and one reasons could have led to you embracing natural hair but guess what? You aren’t alone in this. Going natural is a current fashion trend or should I say trending movement…thumbs up to all the naturalistas in the house!
Although keeping your hair natural has its advantages (that’s a story for another day), being a naturalista can be real daunting but with patience and the right hair care, you can bring out the lustrous curls and beauty in your hair. And of course, make it the envy of all eyes.
I hope some of the following natural hair secrets I’m going to share will help in your natural hair journey:
Natural oils and ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, carrot oil, aloe vera, and shea butter are the best choices when buying hair products like hair shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, curl enhancers, etc.
The lifestyle of a naturalista includes a healthy hair washing regimen at least twice every month.
Using water and glycerine helps in retaining quality hair moisture by preventing tangles and keeping your hair soft always.       
Love to use curling irons? You’ve got to take it slow with the heat! Curling irons, hair straighteners, blow dryers, hot iron combs will damage your hair. Thanks to the high temperature of these heat appliances, frequent use causes brittleness in hair resulting in hair breakage. You should reduce the number of times you use them, and if you have to, always apply heat protection shampoos and moisturizers.
As a naturalista, apple cider vinegar should never be missing in your closet. ACV helps in maintaining the right pH balance in your hair. ACV also rids your hair of itchy scalp and dandruff causing bacteria. 
Detoxifying your scalp helps remove toxins from your hair roots. This will also disengage dead skin from your pores. Scalp detox should be a part of your hair care therapy (watch out for DIY tips on making your own scalp detox masks).
You want to see your hair radiant and lustrous? A well balanced diet not only nourishes your body but does some wonders for your hair too. Diets rich in protein, whole grains, dairy products, vegetables and fruits will help your hair immensely; indulge in them!
Already making some progress on your natural hair journey but tired of having same look? Use wigs from time to time to change your look. They will also keep your hair protected and moisturized.
There’s so much more coming your way on how to enjoy a successful natural hair journey…stay connected to this space!