Cosmetic surgery is a type of medical procedure or operation that is aimed at improving a person’s appearance. Cosmetic surgery was at the onset popular only amongst the fashionable elites and celebrities; but recently, the general public is fast turning to the use of this constructive medical procedure as a means to enhance their looks, and of course give their self-esteem a boost.
Also referred to as aesthetic surgery, this medical process can be carried out on any part of the body. Cosmetic surgery incorporates a wide range of procedures. A few of the very common ones are liposuction (tummy tuck), breast augmentation (breast lifts/ enlargement/reduction), facial restructuring (lip enhancement, eyelid lift, eyebrow lift/reshaping, removal of wrinkles), cheek enhancement, ear reshaping; butt implants. Undergoing any or all of these medical reconstructions are ways people (especially women) attempt to give themselves the ideal image of their dreams.
Most female celebrities have successfully undergone several cosmetic surgeries in order to get a desired look, wade off the implications of aging, and in most cases get back their pre-baby look and shape effortlessly. However, as appealing and laudable as the effects of cosmetic surgery may seem, they are risk inclined and sometimes complications occur; one period in the life of a woman never to consider having this kind of surgery is during pregnancy.
Cosmetic surgery is a choice and doctors/surgeons strongly recommend against having these procedures during pregnancy. Breastfeeding mothers are also discouraged from such surgeries till at least 6 months postpartum. Reasons for this are that:
Most cosmetic surgeries involve general anaesthesia. This largely increases the risk of miscarriage if given within a pregnant woman’s 1st trimester.  
Everything a pregnant woman puts in her body or eats gets to her unborn child. Injections, medications and chemical fillers used during cosmetic surgeries equally gets to the foetus or newborn and can be very harmful.
The body goes through lots of metabolic and hormonal changes during pregnancy and often times, a woman’s immune system functionality is reduced. With this, there’s a high tendency for after-surgery infections which can be fatal.
Post-surgical medications are highly detrimental to foetal health and development.
Need I say more? Having a positive outlook to life and the desire to enhance your appearance is a real good one but if you are pregnant, your baby’s health is of utmost priority; feel good about yourself and the fact that you have a tiny human growing in you. So enjoy your pregnancy and wait till after your baby is born before indulging in any surgical makeover!