The phrase that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has become so familiar that it’s lost its tangible meaning. As common as it may sound, this wise saying is in fact a reality but not all adhere to it.
A healthy breakfast should be a mix of fibre, protein, a dash of carbs and of course, some fruits and vegetables. For a healthy balance of essential nutrients, fruits whether sliced, juiced or pureed can be added to your breakfast.
With all of the above in mind, let’s go through some delectable breakfast menus:
1. Moimoi with ogi (pap), custard or oats. Moimoi can always be prepared ahead and kept in the freezer for future consumption.
2. Plantain (boiled or fried) with eggs, sauce/stew, vegetables or even beans.
3. Rice is the most common meal in Nigeria and it is loved by all, especially children. Rice can be cooked and had as breakfast in a variety of ways – White rice, jollof rice, coconut rice, fried rice, and even concoction rice (a rice quickie). Chicken/ meat/fish, and plantain or beans are perfect combinations to any of the rice varieties.
4. Yams (either boiled or fried) can be enjoyed with beans / fried eggs/ fish or meat stew/sauce. Yam porridge is another good variation of yam that you can have for breakfast.
5. Cereals can be filling and they are great breakfast choices, easy and quick to prepare. There are a whole range of cereal assortments to choose from. Children love: Corn Flakes, Golden Morn, Kellogg’s varieties – Crunchy Nuts, Honey Loops, Frosties, Rice Krispies etc. For adults, oats, weetabix and several bran cereals are very ideal and can be enjoyed with milk, fruits and yoghurt.
6. Akara (fried bean cake) is another beans delicacy that can be enjoyed with pap, custard or oats.
7. Potatoes (Irish or Sweet) can be savoured fried or boiled with beans, any sauce/stew of choice, or/and fried eggs.
8. Bread. There are a thousand and one delicious ways to enjoy bread (plain or toasted); with beans (ewa agoyin…heavenly), eggs (boiled or fried), any butter/spreads of choice, or stew/sauce.
9. Don’t we all love pancakes? Pancakes can be enjoyed with tea/coffee/hot or cold cocoa beverages, oats/custard and even with vegetable salad. Pancakes are always on point with kids (my daughter needs no persuasion in eating her breakfast if it’s pancakes).
10.  Pasta is an enjoyable delicacy made from durum wheat flour that is loved by most Nigerians. The good thing is pasta comes in various styles and shapes; most common ones here in Nigeria are spaghetti, macaroni, and noodles. You can get very creative with pasta and get them cooked in loads of appetizing ways.
Nigerians love life and eating good food is a part of our lifestyle. Now you get to enjoy a healthy breakfast the Nigerian way!