So I am in the salon, having my nails done, when Shola, my friend hits me up with this gist about a date she had with a guy. As usual she’s in front of the mirror for over an hour. What would he like? Red lips, perhaps a mini skirt or fitted gown, should she pack her hair? How much make up would he like? Etc.

Anyways, after all the preparation, Shola ends up getting to the eatery where they planned to meet up, late. She enters the eatery, sees him and apologizes profusely. Initially, after the whole awkward silence of “you made me wait and all” my friend was expecting some nice comment like” you really look nice and all”, but the guy doesn’t say a word. Okay, no problem, maybe he is just not the expressive one…

It turns out that our beloved guy is far from being unexpressive. My friend, after sometime calls a waiter to order French fries, when the guy says “Are you sure you want to order that? Shola says “Why not? And then he replies “Well, I don’t think you want that, considering your size”.
At this point I can’t hide my laughter. Apart from the fact that shola we are talking about is UK size 10, I am like, are you trying to say she doesn’t know what she wants? Like seriously? So I tell Shola “Don’t mind him, he probably didn’t have money”.

Let’s forget Shola’s guy for a moment. The truth is, a lot of times, other people, most especially men think they know what we want. Who would blame them? When women are asked what they really want, they stall.

I, as a woman would not claim to know what another woman wants, being that our wants vary, just like no two women are the same. Nonetheless, we all have a common ground, something that’s general to every woman. It’s the foundation of all our wants, however long the list is -we want to feel good.

We can’t feel good if we are not healthy. By healthy, I mean, good health and state of mind and this starts with consciously eating and living right.

Yes we can indulge ourselves with a plate of chips once in a while, but it’s essential that we identify what we want at any given point and not let someone else dictate for us. If I was shola, I would say to the guy “I am living healthy, and indulging in a plate of chips today, won’t kill me”. That would be easy for me to say because I consciously stay healthy, knowing fully well that everything else that I want, love, money, a great career etc., depends on it.

Don’t be surprised if you see me gulping down Three Crowns milk like no man’s business at work. I figured its low in cholesterol, great tasting and affordable too and as a brand, it helps me in consciously staying healthy. (It even has a 30 days quarterly fitness challenge programme, so I am like, no excuses right?) That being said, I will love our men to tender their opinions on this one.

What do you think women really want? What do you think about Shola’s guy going all in her face? Do you think women really know what they want?  Drop your comments below and let’s have a healthy chat.

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