The main question driving the new campaign by Three Crowns Milk “What can we do without our mums?” has been expressed through a recent Three Crowns TV advert – demonstrating how mums save the day.

Three Crowns is touching mums through this campaign, inspiring them to stay physically fit, healthy and happy through nutritious breakfasts, looking good (like a slay queen) and dancing; using the hashtag #ThreeCrownsMumsFirst to partake.

A theme song by Simi expressing mothers love towards their children is now available for download and everyone can participate by posting videos of mothers dancing to the song, using the hashtag #ThreeCrownsMumsFirst.

Some of submissions in the slay and breakfast segments have been reviewed to win beautiful gift boxes for mothers. The campaign is open to everyone and runs till September 6, 2019.

Listen and download the theme song below

Theme Song by Simi