Who doesn’t need as much endurance as possible in a fast-paced society like our Naija? I bet you do! Often referred to as stamina, endurance is certainly a crucial element if you must be happy and productive. 
Regardless of your age, weight, level of daily physical activities and love for sports, the relevance of staying-power can’t be overlooked. Whether planning to take part in the next cross-country marathon or trying to battle through your daily busy schedule, improving your energy and strength to remain sustained should be a priority if you’re determined to succeed.
To be in full control of your game/tasks while also remaining mentally focused till the end without being overly stressed, your body must be in good shape. Being in good shape means good stamina. 
Frequent bouts of fatigue, hormonal imbalance and lack of motivation are some of the signs of low stamina. Do you know there’s a connection between your mental and physical stamina (endurance)? To carry out your daily activities, you must be physically fit and absolutely thinking straight. Your mental stamina is what gives you the ability to focus and also combat illnesses. Good physical and mental health is definitely fundamental for a good life. 
Now you see the need for a stamina boost? It’ll certainly increase your performance.
Here’s how to increase your stamina:
A healthy diet: Can there ever be too much emphasis on the importance of food in your everyday life? Healthy eating will add some boost to your mental and physical endurance while also keeping your body generally fit. Low fat products, proteins, lots of fruits and vegetables, and healthy carbs should be key constituents of your diet. These foods will infuse your body with the healthy kind of energy it requires to boost your stamina and keep you going each day.
Another vital stamina booster is exercise. Engaging in regular physical exercises overtime will increase your energy level and stamina. Cardiovascular exercises like aerobics, swimming, treadmill running, cycling, jogging and even dancing are good heart strengtheners that’ll ensure good oxygen flow to all parts of your body. At least 150 -180 minutes per week of these exercises will keep your heart and lungs happy and gradually increase your stamina. Sit-ups, weightlifting and several other strength training exercises will not just tone and build your muscles, but will help you maintain a healthy weight and without doubt give more endurance. 
Still on exercises, doing routines you enjoy makes it a lot easier to push yourself into shape. And in the main, try as much as possible not to be sedentary. Motion is the word if you want to improve your stamina!
How much water do you drink daily? Do you often wait till you’re thirsty and dehydrated before taking a drink of water? Do you know that when you’re dehydrated your body has less fluid? This makes your blood curdle and subsequently reduces your blood flow and of course a cut down in oxygen supply. Water is also vital in fighting muscle fatigue.  Bearing this in mind, wouldn’t you rather drink at least 8 cups of water? You certainly will!
Not sleeping enough? Lack of sleep and adequate rest are key causes of low stamina. Enjoy at least 8 hours of sleep daily if you want to bubble with vigour and be productive the next day. 
And on a last note, kick out unhealthy habits. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are stamina killers. Engaging in them will only thwart your stamina boosting efforts.  
Ready to get started? Remember not to push your body to the point of breakdown. Be frequent but don’t overdo it. Healthy stamina increase can only be achieved over time. Moderately but progressively put all given tips into practice and you’ll sure see yourself in top form for longer periods.