Who says healthy eating can’t be enjoyable? 
Try a super tasty nutritious smoothie, then you’ll agree that healthy food can be a real juicy treat. Smoothies are easy to make and a perfect way to enjoy fruits and veggies. Morning, noon or night, throw together any combination of fruits and vegetables and you’re assured of a great healthy drink/meal in minutes. 
Before we get started on today’s recipe let’s see some more ways of making smoothies taste better:

Frozen fruits make thicker consistency so chop your fruits ahead for easier blending and freeze.
Start by pouring in liquids first.
When blending, start with the lowest blender speed and gradually increase the blender speed till the mixture is smooth.
If using ice, they should go in last. 

Smoothies are ever rich in vital nutrients because of their fruit combos. They’re perfect breakfast choices and also very suitable as snacks, or post/pre-gym treats. Today’s Groovy Green Banana Grape Smoothie is no exception. An awesome yummy fruity combination of banana, red grapes, apples and a dash of spinach makes it a truly loaded wholesome food.
Heart-healthy apples are incredibly great for flavouring recipes and may help in preventing lung, breast, colon and liver cancers. Apples also help with weight-loss and are known to significantly lower cholesterol.  
Famous for the powerful antioxidants contained in them which makes them cancer-inhibiting, red grapes also have antibacterial properties. They also benefit your cardiovascular, immune and respiratory systems greatly. 
Bananas are excellent in masking the flavours of leafy greens in smoothies. They also make good creamy smoothie base. They’re fantastic energy givers, and their richness in potassium makes them great advocate for your heart and kidney. 
And the spinach? Trust me; you definitely won’t taste them in this smoothie. Spinach leaves undeniably lock in the healthfulness in this smoothie. With spinach, you’re sure of raw vegetable nutritional benefits. 
Ingredients for the smoothie:

1 Medium-sized Banana, chopped
1 Cup red grapes
2 Apples, cored and chopped.
A handful fresh green spinach leaves, washed and chopped
6 Almond nuts (optional)
180ml Greek Yogurt (optional)
Ice cubes (optional) 

Put all ingredients in blender. Remember, the yoghurt goes in first and the ice cubes last. Blend till puree is well crushed and smooth.
Serve ice cold.