Brimming with vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes are very versatile and considered to be one of the oldest consumable vegetables in the world. They are affordable and readily available. Although sweet potatoes are real sweet – just as their name imply – their health benefits positively outweighs the sugar in them! A meal of sweet potatoes will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without increasing your waistline or derail your healthy diet efforts.
Do you know that you get 4grams of dietary fibre which is about 16% of your recommended daily value in a medium-sized sweet potato? This portion of sweet potato will also give you at least 400% of your daily value of vitamin A, 37% of your needed vitamin C for the day, about 500mg potassium, and a good dose of protein, vitamin B, calcium,  iron and phosphorus too! Incredibly, all these come with just about 105 calories and zero fat! Nice one, right?  
Sweet potatoes are filling and good sources of healthy carbs (resistant starch). They absorb slowly into your system, thus preventing a spike in your sugar level. They’re also great for weight-loss because they keep you full for a longer period.
Abounding in antioxidant Beta-carotene which significantly reduces your cancer risk, the high-fibre content in sweet potatoes is a dynamic plus that makes them good for preventing constipation and regulating your digestive system. 
Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin C which plays a major role in the formation of your blood cells.  Vitamin C is also known to help in battling stress and is likewise essential in the production of collagen to keep your skin elastic and glowing.
A meal of sweet potatoes is certain to give you a good immunity boost, improve your vision, surprisingly promote fertility, and boost lactation during pregnancy.
These are just some of the many nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes can be enjoyed in many ways and there’s definitely a yummy creamy caramelized texture to it that can’t be missed when cooked or baked. In today’s recipe, we’ll see how they can be baked effortlessly in a microwave.  
Ingredients for the microwave-baked Sweet Potatoes:

6 medium sized Sweet Potatoes

Serving: 3 adults

Thoroughly wash potatoes to ensure the skin are clean (leaving the skin on gives an extra pack of fibre). Then with a fork or sharp knife, carefully thrust into the sweet potato to make holes. This will let out the steam while cooking (a very necessary step to prevent your potatoes from exploding in the microwave).
Next, slightly dampen sheets of paper towel with water (don’t soak but dampen just to make wet), then wrap each potato in the moist towel – the moistness provides the required steaming effect in the microwave. Place on microwaveable plate and microwave on full power for about 5-6 minutes. Now turn potatoes over and microwave for another 5 minutes to ensure even cooking. You can stick a fork into the sides to check if well cooked. If the fork goes in easily, then your potato is ready. If not, place back and continue to microwave for another 3 minutes. By now, you should have crispy skinned potatoes.
Serve hot with any choice of sauce or stew. 
Want something out of the ordinary? Combine your microwave-baked sweet potatoes with shredded chicken fillings and a side dish of coleslaw (as seen in the picture). A taste of culinary paradise definitely awaits you!
What better way to start your day than with this delectable sweet potato delicacy!