Being a mother can be such a very stressful job. If you are like many mums who wished they had more than 24 hours a day to get things done, then you will agree that fixing in your workout routine can even be a harder task. Why is this so? Well, this may be due to the fact that you might be too overwhelmed with some routine tasks, so that squeezing a workout spare time might be a no-no. But did you know that it is really important for you to actually steal some 10 minutes away just to work out?
Truth is that mums aren’t superhuman – they do deserve to be fit and that is why you have got to create time no matter how little to see that things are right within the body. These workouts can fit into your busy schedule and take up just 10 minutes of your time and you can be sure to look and feel refreshed aftewards.
1. The Chair Squats Workout
For this workout, you stand in front of a chair with your feet hip-distance apart, and toes forward. Then lean your chest slightly forward. Bend your knees and tap (do not sit) the bottom on chair, then stand up.  Be sure to keep your weight in your heels and do a set of ten.
2. The Spinal Twist
This is yet another easy workout that you can perform at home. Sit upright at the edge of a chair, feet on the ground, knees bent 90-degrees and your hands crossed at chest level. What is more, twist your upper torso as far as you can to the left, rotating from the waist and allowing your head and shoulders to move together as one unit. Hold for 15 seconds, then return to the start.
3. The Static Run
Here, you’ll be in one position and move your feet as if you were running on a track. You can increase your pace as you muster more strength and stamina. It is important that you do this on a hard floor so that you have enough room for balance. Count up to ten and then do a repeat as you go along.
4. The Freestyle Dance
If you haven’t been dancing as a form of workout, then you’re missing out on a lot. Did you know that one of the best form of workouts for mums is dancing? Well, if you didn’t know that, then it’s important that you learn a few moves to keep fit. And, guess what? You don’t need to have been a great dancer before starting. If you are a rookie, you can start by moving your whole body to your favourite high tempo songs in your home.
Indeed these workout routines can strengthen your cardiovascular muscles as you sweat it out. It is also known to aid the circulation of blood. Incorporate these exercises into your daily morning or bedtime routines and you would be amazed at the results.