Nigerian Heart Foundation endorses Three Crowns milk as the heart friendly milk

In January 2018, Nigeria Heart Foundation (NHF) endorsed Three Crowns milk as the heart friendly milk because it is low in cholesterol.
This partnership seeks to help mitigate the danger of heart related issues by providing Nigerians with milk low in cholesterol since breakfast plays an important role in keeping the heart healthy.
Three Crowns is committed to promoting a healthy breakfast eating habit and request that consumers pay more attention to the health of their hearts because we understand the close link between diet and health. It is available in evaporated and powdered milk formats in local stores and shops.

Sahur with Three Crowns

This Ramadan, we’ve got you everyday from Sahur to Iftar with 30 tasty and healthy dishes to make your daily cooking and meal preparations easier while you fast.
You can get the right nourishment needed to keep your heart and energy up all day with these 30 quick to prepare Western and Northern recipes ranging from Local dishes, Soups, Smoothies and Salads uniquely prepared with readily available ingredients.
Mums, let’s get cooking! Cook these variety of tasty dishes as per instructions and enjoy every meal with your family at Sahur or at the break of fast.
We encourage everyone to recreate and share these daily recipes on their social media pages using the hashtag #SahurWithThreeCrowns. Ramadan Kareem!

EVAP Shopper Promotion

Friesland Campina has a goal, to provide quality nutrition to everyone to meet their every need, irrespective of age. FrieslandCampina has a passion for making dairy affordable and accessible by all which is why they are always on the look out for ways to achieve this whether through discounts or activations. For over 60 years, FrieslandCampina WAMCO has been providing high quality dairy products through its brands like Three Crowns and Peak.
This time, in the form of discount codes. The company wants you to get, value, quality, and nutrition at a discounted price when you buy any of Three Crowns Evaporated Milk. You can save as much as 60 Naira on every four (4) tins of Three Crowns Evaporated Milk you purchase.
All you have to do is walk into any of the selected store, pick up your tins of Three Crowns Evaporated Milk or better still, scan the special QR code, purchase and you automatically qualify for this discount.
With Three Crowns Evaporated Milk you can enjoy a creamy, thick, premium, tasty and nutritious breakfast with family and loved ones. It can also be used in baking delicious pastry to share and enjoy with friends.
Hurry now and enjoy premium milk at discounted prices.

Three Crowns demonstrates mothers’ greatness in a latest campaign

The main question driving the new campaign by Three Crowns Milk “What can we do without our mums?” has been expressed through a recent Three Crowns TV advert – demonstrating how mums save the day.

Three Crowns is touching mums through this campaign, inspiring them to stay physically fit, healthy and happy through nutritious breakfasts, looking good (like a slay queen) and dancing; using the hashtag #ThreeCrownsMumsFirst to partake.

A theme song by Simi expressing mothers love towards their children is now available for download and everyone can participate by posting videos of mothers dancing to the song, using the hashtag #ThreeCrownsMumsFirst.

Some of submissions in the slay and breakfast segments have been reviewed to win beautiful gift boxes for mothers. The campaign is open to everyone and runs till September 6, 2019.

Listen and download the theme song below

Theme Song by Simi